Make libraries more effective

Syncing librarians with academicians real-time

Enhance visibility of library resources

Adaptive project-specific recommendation of library content

Based on research behavior inside RAx
  • Papers and articles they read and review
  • Selection pattern of resources
  • Work-in-progress
  • Discuss work with adviser or team members
Based on resource selection pattern
  • Are selections according to the core themes of paper under review?
  • Are selections mutually similar or mutually diverse?
Based on concepts under current point-of-attention
Background vs. Problem vs. Method vs. Evaluation

Improve the discovery of library content

Smarter and faster discovery of useful content

Based on concept semantics
  • Searching for “Boltzmann Machine” should bring up all machine learning areas where it is applied
Based on paragraph semantics
  • Searching can be done by selecting a paragraph or section of an article
Based on on-going projects
  • Searching can be done by selecting specific articles within the scope of a project

Easy and quick access to library content

Increase library's contribution in research output of the institute

Clean single-window interface to search all of the library content

With the integration, institute users can search for all the content in the library easily from RAx.

One-click email-free request for library materials

Users can directly request library content from RAx. Such automation leads to increased usage of library resources.

Improvise library budget allocation

Monitor real-time usage of library as well as external resources

With RAx reports librarians can now
  • Have comprehensive picture of new and on-going project activity
  • Search activity on library content
  • Usage statistic of library vs external resources (provided by RAx)
These reports give librarians deeper understanding of information asset and take more informed procurement decisions.

Connect library to academicians’ day-to-day work.

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